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Texas Southern University Awarded $50 Million Under Biden-Harris Grantmakers Program

The Biden-Harris administration announced $600 million to 11 Grantmakers to fund Environmental Justice Programs nationwide. Among the recipients, Texas Southern University will receive $50 million to support the university’s Bullard Center for Environmental & Climate Justice.

Dr. Bullard, founder of the BCECJ, joined VP Kamala Harris and EPA administrator Michael S. Regan to announce the historic grantmaker award today.

“Every person has a right to drink clean water, breathe clean air, and live in a community that is healthy and safe. For too long, however, low-income communities, immigrant communities, Native communities, and communities of color have endured disproportionate levels of air, water, and soil pollution. That is why President Joe Biden and I have put equity at the center of our nation’s largest investment in climate in history,” said Vice President Kamala Harris.

The grant is also in conjunction with the EPA’s U.S. Department of Energy partner initiative to address key environmental issues impacting underserved and overburdened communities across the country. EPA administrator, Michael S. Regan also spoke about the grant’s plan to remove barriers from applicants in underserved communities.

“For years, community advocates have been calling for federal support and resources to help address our country’s most pressing environmental justice concerns. Thanks to President Biden and VP Harris’ leadership, we’re responding by removing barriers that have traditionally held communities and applicants back from accessing these historic investments in America.”

“In partnership with these Grantmakers, we’re taking a giant step toward a future where every person in America has equal opportunity to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and live a healthy, productive life.”

The BCECJ, founded by Dr. Robert D. Bullard, was created to address long issues of systemic inequality and structural racism that disproportionately impact Black and POC communities. Texas Southern’s Bullard Center has worked specifically to promote Education & Training, Research & Policy, Civil Engagement & Advocacy, Networking, and Technical Assistance & Support.

The Center’s Academy supports mentoring of students, faculty and community leaders and is designed to reach an audience that historically has been underrepresented in environmental and climate education, green jobs and green careers. 

Grantmakers should begin awarding grants by Summer 2024.

To read more about the Biden-Harris Grantmaker’s Program, please visit The EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website. To learn more about The Bullard Center at Texas Southern University, please visit their organization’s website.

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