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Beyoncé Announces Country-Themed ‘Renaissance Act II’ Album in Verizon Super Bowl Ad, Drops Two New Songs

In an elaborate series of teaser videos, Beyonce has announced the long-awaited “Act II” of her 2022 “Renaissance” album — and as long rumored, it appears to be a country-leaning album, due March 29.

In the elaborate, self-referencing ad, we see Beyonce scrolling through songs on an iPhone, then at a lemonade stand (referencing her 2016 classic album of the same name), following with a series of plays on her name: “Barbey,” referencing Barbie, “BOTUS,” saying she’ll be the first female president, then the first woman to launch the first rocket for the first woman in space.

Finally, she says, “OK, they ready — drop the new music. I told y’all the ‘Renaissance’ is not over,” she concludes.

A look at Beyonce’s Instagram page reveals the final teaser video, which includes the album title and release date. There is also a billboard and a car license plate that read “Texas Hold ‘Em,” referencing the poker game named after the singer’s home state, and possibly a song title.


A short time after that, two songs appeared on streaming services — first on Tidal, interestingly, since Beyonce and Jay-Z are seated with primary owner Jack Dorsey at the Super Bowl — and they are indeed country-themed. “Texas Hold ‘Em” is almost entirely acoustic guitars, bass drum and vocals, with a chorus that concludes, “It’s a real-live boogie and a real live hoedown, don’t be a bitch just take it to the floor now.”

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